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    and then there was one.

    and then there was one.
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    ReadMe Support Forums Update 2018

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    ReadMe Support Forums Update 2018

    Hey Crazy crafter, As you may have noticed the forums were outdated. Because of this a lot of the support for our new modpacks was thrown in the older mod packs such as 2.2 and those modpacks. To help with the removal of these we just stored them in the Archives section of the forums and...
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    Website Updates

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    ReadMe Turtorials Read Me

    Hey Crazycrafters! This forum section will be used for creating tutorials for other players to refer to for help! Please keep posting on this thread. Here is the General Guidelines: What can I post about? Literally ANYTHING moddednetwork related that can help another player! (Mods...
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    Website Updates

    Hey Crazy crafter, The website is going through multiple updates! Please take a look at the forums and let us know what you guys want to see on the Website! Open to all Suggestions :) Thanks, Cyclops29
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    ModdedNetwork Meeting

    Hey Crazycrafters, Today at 3:00 pm a meeting will be held for the whole community to join to get updates on the Modpacks and for suggestions of what they want to see! So be sure to join the meeting later today! Details: IP- [Comming Soon] Twitch Live Stream-[Comming Soon]
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    Reporting YouSeeMeRunning

    #ThreadLocked #Solved
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    Crazytown is discontinued.
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    Staff Registation

    *facepalm* k
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    Cyclops29's Anniversary.

    Congrats to you for being staff for almost a year before your long break! Thanks!
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    Anyone want to help a second crazy town on survival 2

    Using my town's name Hmm....
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    Please create a thread. Thanks, Cyclops29

    Please create a thread. Thanks, Cyclops29
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    Cookie's First Warning!

    #thread Locked.
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    MY BOI IS BACK!!!!!!

    MY BOI IS BACK!!!!!!
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    Important 2.5 Released

    Hey Crazycrafters, We have Offically opened the 2.5 Modpack to everyone, after bug fixes and crashes the modpacks is now somewhat stable. (There will be a few up's and down's but within a few day's it should be really good gameplay stability.) Here are a few informational things...
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    To what Modpack? We already have this on 2.2
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    Welcome back :)

    Welcome back :)