What mods i would like to see in modded network 2.2

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i have played my fair share of MN 2.2 94 hours to be exact and i would like to add some mod suggestions to make it more fun and easy First would be applied energistics 2 i have a crap ton of chests and i don't know what is in all of them and it is really hard to find certain items i like every other person would need this since i have to check in literally every chest i own it would be easy to get an ME system to just type in what i am looking for Second Ars Magica 2 since who doesn't wanna be a wizard and create their own spells and just mess around with different combinations since the possibilities are endless and so is the fun and hard work Thirdly Big Reactors since with technology comes the need for power and without power technology is useless since i said ME systems they wouldn't work without power so power is essential 4th the random items mod is basically home on the go like an RV but fits in your pocket you would have a home and all your items in one easy to get to place and forget griefing or thieving since it is impossible to get inside somebody's specter dimension once they are inside everybody could have one (specter key) AND LASTLY witchery because having poppets would lead to funny pranks between gangs and friends but could also lead to trolling so i don't know if you will agree on that one but please think my suggestions over and would love these modpacks on the server will continue to play (close to 100 hours) longest i have played of anything please consider my requests-Bonesi327